Alcachofas Alcachofina Hortoventas Tres Marías Zafarraya
Alcachofas Alcachofina Hortoventas Tres Marias Zafarraya Alcachofas Alcachofina Hortoventas Tres Marias Zafarraya Alcachofas Alcachofina Hortoventas Tres Marias Zafarraya
How they grow up

This is the way our artichokes grow up:

Alcachofina artichokes grow up in the fertile lands of Llano de Zafarraya, Granada’s province, enjoying the privilege of growing up in the open air and being irrigated by the water from the natural aquifer that are located in the subsoil of this region.

The life of our artichokes follows the following process:

In January, the germination of the plants starts. This is carried out inside of some installations built expressly for this initial stage. This way, we achieve that the birth of the plants is almost perfect. They are there from 40 to 60 days until they are transplanted to the land in the open air.

Once they are planted in the land, the plants will spend more or less 3 months growing up and receiving all kind of care from our expert farmers.

After the previous two stages, it is the time for the harvest. From this moment on, every day and in the early hours in the morning, the cut process is carried out, by hand, so that we avoid that the plants are hurt with heavy farm machinery.

Harvesting monhts are between April and November, so that we are able to supply of first quality artichokes to the national market during the warmest months of the year..

All this is in part achieved thanks to the climate that we can enjoy in Llano de Zafarraya, because this climate allows the artichokes to grow up with a suitable temperature during the months of the year in which the thermometer marks higher degrees in the rest of the country.

Finally, once the artichokes are harvested, they are transported to our cooperative Hortoventas- Tres Marías, where they are prepared before they iniciate their travel towards the different selling points.



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